Pure Taboo Releases ‘The Luckiest Guy’ on DVD

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Pure Taboo Releases ‘The Luckiest Guy’ on DVD

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Pure Taboo is offering up a double dose of twisted storytelling in The Luckiest Guy, out this week on DVD. Director-producer Craven Moorehead delivers two scenarios—“The Luckiest Guy” and “Anal Doesn’t Count”—that focus on the loopholes women will use to meet their lustful cravings while keeping their family ties intact.

“Pure Taboo’s scenes continue to define the newest generation of porn production, featuring top-notch talent with solid acting chops, shot beautifully, with twisted storylines and dialogue fans actually want to follow,” says Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C. “The studio consistently delivers the high-quality content sought by a growing percentage of adult entertainment consumers moving away from gonzo and seeking story-driven porn. Retailers, make sure you stock this title right away.”

In “The Luckiest Guy,” Vanessa (Liv Revamped) and husband Carl (Donnie Rock) are celebrating their anniversary at a fancy restaurant, but it’s clear she’s more interested in what waiter Brayden (Michael Vegas) might be serving off the menu. When she goes to the restroom, she invites the eager waiter to follow her for a frenzied bathroom quickie; later, once they’re back home, Carl comments on how much Vanessa is turned on all the time by him, not knowing she gets some assistance from complete strangers.

In “Anal Doesn’t Count,” 18-year-old Bethany (Chloe Foster) may appear sweet and innocent—after all, her father hears her praying every morning to God and promising Him she’ll remain pure and chaste as His humble servant. Little does her father (and her Holy Father, she assumes) know she’s found a loophole to having sex while remaining a virgin until her wedding night, and she’s been spending a lot of time with random strangers willing to appeal to her anal sex needs.

The Luckiest Guy stars Liv Revamped, Donnie Rock and Michael Vegas; Chloe Foster and Kyle Mason star in “Anal Doesn’t Count.” For more information, visit PulseDistribution.com.

Retailers interested in stocking The Luckiest Guy can contact Hyland C. at [email protected] and (818) 435-1615, or an IVD sales representative.


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